Meet The Dietitian

Courtney Markey, M.S, R.D.N

Lite Life surgery offers weight loss solutions results for patients in Palm Springs and other parts of California. We work with patient before and after weight loss surgery as well as anyone looking for a non-surgical option. Not only do we take weight loss very seriously, but we also ensure our patients are armed with all the resources needed for a successful diet and lasting results.

Diet consulting and nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian is one such service offered through Lite Life Surgery. A registered dietitian helps patients get the most out of weight loss and the most out of themselves. Not only does a dietitian nutritionist teach patients how to lose weight, but they also help patients learn how to maintain the weight lost and enjoy a healthier, better-balanced lifestyle.

California registered dietitian and nutritionist Courtney Markey oversees the nutrition and lifestyle programs at Lite Life Surgery. Courtney’s expertise in nutrition and dietetics compliments Dr. Bobby’s comprehensive surgical weight-loss program. With both an undergraduate and master’s degree in Family and Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in Nutrition and Dietetics from Illinois State University, Courtney passes on her knowledge of nutrition, food, and diet to her patients.

For anyone looking to consult with a nutritionist before, during, or even after a weight loss program or a weight loss surgery, Courtney and Lite Life Surgery can provide the resources needed. In fact, many patients find that weight loss is more effective and less stressful when a registered dietitian is involved.

Consulting with a registered dietitian through Lite Life may be right for you if you have tried unsuccessfully to diet on your own.  If you would like to become more educated on healthy foods, learn to take control of your eating habits, and are looking for a weight loss program that offers continual encouragement and support, we are the best choice for you.

For more information on our Palm Springs registered dietitian, or to learn more about Lite Life’s weight loss possibilities, please give us a call today.