Maintaining your post-surgery weight loss comes down to two factors; exercise and good nutrition. When considering exercise, it doesn’t take a lot of it to reap the benefits of increased muscle strength, energy and stress reduction. Just 30 minutes of activity every day to increase your heart rate can make a real difference. If you can’t commit to a half-hour, break it up into three, 10 minute sessions throughout the day.

There are many ways to get daily exercise, but one of most underrated is simply walking. For starters, 10,000 steps per day will help you maintain your weight. Using a pedometer or a phone app to monitor your steps will allow you to track your progress and gradually build up your step count over time. For an extra boost, take the stairs, park at the end of the lot and don’t forget to have fun. Putting on some music and dancing around the house burns calories and for most of us helps with coordination.

In addition to simply moving, try focusing on strength for two days a week. Activities like yoga, Pilates, push-ups, pull ups and lifting weights are simple and don’t require a gym membership. But if you’re so inclined, pairing up with a friend or hiring a personal trainer will provide extra motivation.

The fastest way to unravel the benefits of bariatric surgery is to do nothing. Not surprisingly, one of the biggest culprits to maintaining your weight loss is watching TV. It’s a sedentary, passive time-eater that too often results in expanding waistlines. So try to limit TV viewing to a couple of hours, or less, everyday.

If you have had weight loss surgery with Dr. Bobby you are welcome to attend our Free Fitness Class to work with our personal trainer. Fitness classes meet every Tuesday 6:15 am to 7:15 am and Thursdays 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm​ in the Renker gym at Eisenhower Medical Center. Please call our office to request a pass into the gym.

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